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Field to Forest: Seasonal standouts!

Our pick of the best seasonal fruits & veg this week in June, straight from the best of London and local markets...

June standouts:

Fresh British Cherries

Now in season, fresh British cherries have arrived, offering a delightful taste of summer. These cherries are plump, with a deep, glossy red skin that get your customers reaching for their phone cameras... insta-worthy dishes in an instant!

Grown in British orchards, they boast a truly perfect balance of sweetness and slight tartness. As well as for baking, why not try adding as a burst of flavour into salads or even selling as a take-away snack pot?

Charentais Melons

Up next we have the stunning Charentais Melon, straight from the French countryside. Each melon bursts with summer flavour, their brief availability making them perfect for seasonal promotions.

They're also ideal if you are looking to add something unique to your charcuterie boards! Their juicy sweetness complements the savoury and salty flavours of our cured produce, cheeses and olives. Ideal to accompany our new Martinez Somalo smoked meats.

Jersey Royals Potatoes

Jersey Royal Potatoes, a true delight from the island of Jersey, are well known for their unique, nutty flavour and delicate, flakey texture. These seasonal potatoes are grown in the island's rich, sandy soil and benefit from the temperature climate and sea breezes, which play a massive part in their distinctive taste. Perfect for roasting, boiling or why not incorporate into a potato salad?


This stunner is often dubbed the "Alien Broccoli" due to its unique fractal patterns, a striking vegetable that captures both the eyes but also palate. This vibrant vegetable, belonging to the Brassica family, is a close relative of broccoli, cauliflower and also cabbage.

Romanesco has a slightly nutty, milder flavour compared to its cousins, with a crunchy texture that holds up well whether steamed or roasted. Jam packed with vital nutrients, including Vitamins C and K, fiber and also antioxidants - a great message to tempt your customers!

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