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So, how green is the Forest?

Pretty lush! Along with a new electric van, we've exciting initiatives ahead for 2023 and smart ideas for you too!

Read on...

As you've probably seen, we've invested in a new electric van.

Now, a new diesel van doing the equivalent miles that we do produces approximately 4700kg of CO2 per year, whereas with our electric van that's zero. Yes, we only have one at the time of typing, but as our fleet is renewed we will be moving them all to electric - so watch this space!

Our other green credentials go back years, before it was even on many radars.

We've been zero to landfill since 2015.

All of our waste cardboard and plastic is recycled and we have compactors for both.

Our waste cardboard is turned into the boxes we use to do our deliveries.

Plus, we've gone paperless for deliveries (every chef gets an email invoice instead of paper).

We've a few exciting new initiatives planned for 2023 that will be great for the environment too, so we'll look forward to telling you about those soon!

Saving the planet is a team game though, so we're always trying to support our suppliers and customers with their green efforts too. We've a helpful 'green guide' coming your way soon, which goes beyond 'standard' ideas and focuses on how doing good for the planet can do good for your profits too. It's hospitality focused, on-trend and full of product solutions and quick-wins.

Keen to get your copy? Simply subscribe to our mailing list here.

Fancy having your own efforts featured? Ping a message via our social media channels and we'll look forward to chatting!

To go back in time and read about our forest roots, click here.

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