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Meet Flavio: Account Manager for Bristol, Cheltenham & Gloucester areas.

Meet Flavio Miali, a new Account Manager for #teamforest.

Flavio recently joined our expanding team, to provide enhanced customer support to those working in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham and surrounding areas, yet his years of Chef experience and food knowledge is already proving an asset to many of our customers across the South-West.

It’s always good to know a bit more about those working to support you, so we jumped an unsuspecting Flavio in our warehouse, with an empty pallet in the spice corner as central stage.

In his blood.


You’ll find Flavio is such an uplifting guy to talk to. Born in Italy but growing up in Southampton, Flavio talks passionately about his Cheffing career with a South London accent… a characteristic that makes no more sense to him than it does us!

Flavio’s father was a Chef, so were his brothers and his sister worked in Catering, so Cheffing was very much in his blood. At 16, he began working as a Pizza Chef for his father. He swiftly climbed the ranks and then moved into South American cuisine. By the age of 22, Flavio was a Head Chef, and later reached the point of having two rosettes, a testimony to his years of hard work and commitment.

“Working with Paul Easterbrook as my Mentor whilst at Robot Coupe greatly benefitted my career. Paul introduced me to the world of Sales, upping my game no end. He’s a true gentleman who will forever have my respect”.

Flavio also spoke warmly of his time leading a team at Harvey & Brockless, and the benefit of his diverse experiences for customers of Forest Produce are clear.

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Family values.

Flavio’s decision to step away from his role as a Chef, in order to focus more on his role as a husband and father, is a move many Chefs will relate to. The immense pride and happiness that flows from Flavio when talking about his wife and two daughters is heartwarming, and clear evidence of not just his Italian roots, but his values, priorities and passions.

Such characteristics mirror those of Tony Quick, our Managing Director, and made Flavio an instant fit for #teamforest.

“I’m a family man and the family vibe is strong here. Everyone deals with everything together, which in many ways makes it feel like home, and that means a lot”.

Genuinely without a wink from Marketing, Flavio shared more of the positives he'd felt upon joining #teamforest:

“I’m impressed with how many Chefs are using the Forest Produce app too. It certainly makes life easier and means I can focus my support on the ways that make the most difference. So, I find myself feeling happy to go into work every day”.

Flavio’s ‘moment to camera’ was not planned, not scripted and took one take, and could not have better reflected the honesty, warmth and passion of his character.

After filming, Flavio reflected on his words...

“I wanted to find the right terminology, as many of Forest’s customers are so unique and that makes me feel both proud and honoured… yes, that was the right word: ‘honoured’…to work with such amazing Chefs”.

Flavio, we couldn’t have said it better.

We're equally honoured to have you join #teamforest.

Our warmest welcome.

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