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Special Offers: Easy profit boosters

We've pulled together a great set of discounted products to give your margin a quick lift.

As always, you can rest assured these are of of outstanding quality.

Just remember, when they're gone... they're gone!

Latest special offers (subject to availability)...

  • Frozen mushroom mix by Urbani 1kg £8.00

  • Micro Perforated Baking Paper 59.2x39.2cm x200 £29.99

  • Roe on King Scallop Meat IQF 1kg £28.00

Above: Mushroom mix, Perforated Baking Paper, Scallops.

  • Chocolate Tool, Medium Leaf CH5 by Pavoni £10.50

  • Chimichurri hot sauce 1ltr by Chimilove £16.99

  • Sesame Seed with curry 50g by Terre Exotique £3.95

Above: Chocolate tool, Hot Chimichurri, Sesame seed with Curry.

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