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Time-saving desserts: Instant solutions

You can't always do everything from scratch all at once. Having a few instant solutions can keep you not only profitable, but sane!

We share our favourite ready-to-go desserts, all deliberately chosen to pair up well with our scooping ice-cream offer. (See our prize draw details here).

As Chefs, we all know the importance of balancing flavour, presentation and efficiency, especially in a fast-paced kitchen. Sometimes you need a quick, grab-and-go solution that doesn't compromise on taste or quality.

Below is a small selection of our favourites at #teamforest.

Explore the whole range quick desserts by visiting our Forest Produce app or give your Account Manager a call!

1. Chocolate & Pear Tartlets by La Lorraine

These premium patisserie delights combine the rich, velvety taste of fine chocolate with the delicate sweetness of perfectly ripened pears, all encased in a beautiful cocoa tart shell. Perfect for fine dining, catering events and even upscale cafes, this tart ensures your deliver a memorable, high quality dessert experience with minimal effort.

2. Caramel Delight by Traiteur de Paris

This dessert is a dream come true for caramel lovers, 90 grams of pure gold! A stunning caramel mousse, with a rich caramel center and a glossy caramel glaze that's as eye- catching as it is delicious. Perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your dessert menu.

The best part? It's ready to serve, so you can offer a high quality, gourmet dessert with zero fuss and no wastage. Irresistable!

3. Lemon Drizzle Cake by Truly Treats

Perfect for summer, this delightful cake bursts with zesty lemon flavour, featuring a moist and tender crumb topped with a sweet/ tangy lemon glaze that's sure to impress your guests! As for the filling, you'll find a stunning lemon buttercream that will leave your customers wanting more.

Provides 14 servings per cake and has a shelf life of 5 days once defrosted.

Looking to add some Summer zing to your menu? Check out our inspired lemony collection here.

4. Dark Chocolate Lingot by Traiteur de Paris

Chocolate perfection! A rich dessert featuring velvety dark chocolate encased in a sleek, elegant form for a visually stunning dish. These little Lingots add a touch of luxury and style to any menu.

This dessert stands out with a recipe that is rich in chocolate from the Equator with a high cocoa content (60%), selected by the Traiteur de Paris chefs for its sweetness and the subtlety of its flavours. Whether served alone, or with a chocolate sauce or a small biscuit, the result is always aesthetic.

This lingot is an ideal way to get rich chocolate onto your menu, for less. Find clarity and solutions to the cocoa price hike here.

Take things to the next level!

The beauty of many of our instant desserts is that they work well naked (say no more) or equally can be used as a blank canvas, allowing you to personalise your dish and enjoy the margin uplift that typically brings.

Be inspired by some of our toppings, garnishes, finishing touches and fresh fruits below. Remember, your Account Manager will be pleased to share ideas taiored to your business too, please just ask!

Below: Gold leaves x 25, Caramel Freshburst pearls, Blood orange sorbet by Callestick Farm, Pavoni honeycomb mould, Ruby chocolate crispearls, Mint Gastrodust, Marbled chocolate pencils & Passionfruit garnishing glaze.

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