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Lemon shaped desserts: the ultimate ray of sunshine!

#Teamforest have seen a variety of amazing lemon creations made using our AF006S mould, all inspired by the stunning works of Cedric Grolet.

We've featured below the YouTube video that many have found to be the simplest to follow for his infamous whole lemon dish.

Scroll down for our half lemon mould, and other lemon inspired ingredients!

At Forest Produce, we're stocking the half lemon mould shown below, AF006S, due to the extra creativity flexibility it gives. Simply type 'Pavoni lemon' into our app search bar.

If you would appreciate the featured ingredients compiled into your basket, or further patisserie support, get in touch with your Account Manager and we'll make sure you're helped to create your vision!

Keen to bring a citrus kick to your Summer menu but through another way?

You'll find the following products all waiting in your online app store (and more!).

Lemon sorbet, plus Gin & Lemon sorbet by Callestick.

Lemon Concentrated Flavour, by Mallard Ferriere.

Lemon concentrate & Lemon puree by Boiron.

Of course you can also find fresh Amalfi Leafy Lemons within our 'Field to Forest' range.

Ready for more? You'll find the following worth a quick click!

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Check! Have you heard about our new summer delivery hours?

For more product ideas & inspiration, please ask or follow us on social media.

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