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New Supplier: RaviOllie

Forest Produce is pleased to bring you a new range of filled pasta. Time-saving and ensuring minimal waste, RaviOllie are an efficient solution with strong profit potential.

Who are RaviOllie?

RaviOllie's story began in 2016, when Ollie, a passionate pasta enthusiast, started crafting homemade ravioli in his mum's kitchen. His creations quickly gained popularity at local food markets and festivals, and as the business flourished, Ollie's vision extended beyond mere culinary excellence. He recognised the pressing need for sustainability and social responsibility in the food industry, and he vowed to make RaviOllie a force for good.

They truly have come a long way, from a team of two in their tiny unit in Fishponds to now having a split level warehouse in South Bristol and a team of ten!

"A simply stunning range of products" , Mark Benfield

This great range of Ravioli combines artisanal quality with unmatched convenience, ready in just three and a half minutes!

All of the following are available in convenient 2x1kg zip lock bags, making them perfect for storage. Simply grab what you need and zip it back up for next time. Reducing food waste and keeping the same consistent quality in every bite.

Range Available:

  • Nduja & Black Olive Ragu Ravioli

  • Free range pork, Sage & Fennel Ragu Ravioli

  • Leek, Hot Honey & Taleggio Ravioli

  • Wild Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli

  • Caramelised Pear & Goats Cheese Ravioli

  • Sicilian Red prawn Ravioli

  • South Devon Crab, Mascarpone & Dill Ravioli

  • Jerusalem Artichoke, Garlic & Truffle Ravioli

  • Vegan Beetroot, Roasted Onion & Feta Ravioli

  • Vegan Sweet Pea & Mint Ravioli

Like what you see? Give the office a call 01884 849274

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Above: Mushroom & Truffle, Pork, Sage & Fennel, Nduja & Black Olive

Values & Beliefs

RaviOllie offers a diverse range of products that cater to both the classic tastes and adventurous palates. Every bite reflects their dedication to quality, with only the very best ingredients used to ensure an unparalleled dining experience.

However, sometimes its not always about outstanding produce... it's also about values too. That matters to us, and we know it does to you and your customers too. Forest Produce are proud to be supporting and stocking RaviOllie pasta for a number of reasons, with the video and story below being one!

Collaborating with FareShare South West, RaviOllie rescued over 500 pumpkins from landfill, transforming them into delectable ravioli. These wholesome meals were then distributed to charities across the South West, providing nourishment to over 4500 individuals facing food insecurity.

Elevate your menu effortlessly & improve service speed with RaviOllie!

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