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Our Bar Snacks & Nibbles brochure is now ready!

Forest Produce are pleased to launch the first of our dedicated product category brochures, featuring bar snacks & nibbles, for discerning chefs and front-of-house teams in the hospitality industry.

Fast off the back of our new website, we'll be steadily releasing a sequence of brochures, each dedicated to a different food category. This new approach will bring many benefits, including:

  • Colour coded categories to make jumping across our range easy

  • Quicker to find the exact products you're looking for

  • Helpful product ideas and supplier insights, tailored to your style of menu

  • Digital versions ensure the range is continually up-to-date

  • No waiting for a hefty annual guide!

Although we will be making print versions of our brochures available, it's worth giving our digital formats a try. These online brochures mean that:

  • The range is quick for us to update, so what you see is always relevant and current

  • You can easily share the brochure with colleagues (hover over the SHARE icon, bottom right)

  • Download the brochure to save on your computer and/or print specific pages (hover over the DOWNLOAD icon, bottom right).

(Scroll on...)

You can expect over 20 of these category brochures during the coming months, which can all be opened via the BROCHURES page of our website. When the time is right, we'll combine these so that you still have your overall big mumma of a guide too!

You'll find we've kept the design simple, allowing our stunning produce and inspiring suppliers to wallow in the limelight. To order, simply use your Swiftcloud ordering account, or get in touch by phone or email as usual.

Call: 01884 849273 or email:

ps. If you subscribe on our website, we'll make sure you're kept updated as new brochures become available. It takes seconds, just tap the SUBSCRIBE button at the top of our website home page:



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