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Make the most of Mother's Day 2024

With latest statistics reassuring us of Mothers’ Day bookings being as strong as ever, it’s worth making the most of it. #Teamforest share tempting products and six top tips...

1. Create a special promotion for an upgraded 4 or 5 course menu. We can suggest solutions that promise a great margin whilst keeping the prep managable.

Alternatively, why not offer a complimentary amuse bouche?

It’s a simple way to ‘surprise and delight’ whilst making use of other ingredients.

Such touches help to make visits more memorable, improve reviews and loyalty.

Above: Prestige Amuse Bouches x 48. Traiteur de Paris.

2. It’s usually more cost effective to focus on increasing return footfall rather than attracting new. Reward Mothers with a voucher for a free dessert or glass of bubbly when they visit with friends to try a different menu, such as brunch or afternoon tea. Ask us for cost-effective but impressive incentive ideas.

3. Ditch stereotypes as plenty of mothers don’t serve traditional roast dinners at home.

Concepts such as ‘carve-your-own’ and mini sharing joints can help add a ‘sense of experience’ - a craving that has gathered momentum with modern diners and holds great profit potential.

Venison loin, Daisy pavoni mould, & Redefine Meat Lamb Kebab.

4. Tempt extended families and friends for larger group bookings by reworking existing dishes into sharing platters or a tapas-style menu. We’re full of ideas to give your menu a creative spin!

5. ‘Premiumisation’ - a fancy word and not just for Christmas! Take this opportunity to promote the stories behind local brands, seasonal ingredients and dishes that ooze glamour...

we’ve all the quick cheats you need to keep it efficient and profitable!

Willies White Chocolate & Salted Caramel Truffles, Gold leaf sheets, Chocolate & Pear Tartlets.

6. Finally, remember it's not only the kids who will appreciate a Mother's Day ice-cream special! We've a luxurious range of Granny Gothards ice-creams and sorbets, including a beautiful Rose Water.

Image credit: Faydit Photography.

For more product ideas & inspiration, please just ask us or follow us on social media!

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