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Summer Blooms: Good Earth Growers Micros

Elevate your summer dishes with Micro herbs & flowers from Good Earth Growers!

As the sun shines brighter and the days stretch longer, summer presents a truly golden opportunity to infuse your dishes with the freshest, most vibrant ingredients. We are proud to stock an exquisite selection of fresh micro herbs & flowers from our good friends at Good Earth Growers, designed to lift your dishes with the perfect final touch!

The artistry of micro herbs & flowers.

Good Earth Growers are renowned for their commitment to quality and sustainability, offering an array of stunning micro herbs and edible flowers that capture the essence of each season.

These meticulously grown products are not only visually beautiful but also packed with intense flavours, even just the smallest pinch can elevate your summer creations.

"Don't hesitate to try new combinations. Micro herbs & flowers can add unexpected and delightful twists to your favourite recipes, perfect to add a hint of Summer to any dish!" Mark Benfield, Sales Director.

The secret....

Good Earth Growers promote their belief in the need for a sustainable food evolution, so they grow organically, reduce waste, care for the land and build up soil health, all the while creating sustainable local employment.

Good Earth Growers are registered organic by the Biodynamic Association. Promote this on your menus, website and social media... your customers, and our planet, will appreciate your choices!

#Teamforest favourites.

Pea shoots: Picked with their first true leaves, micro pea shoots are as flavourful as the peas themselves and are a perfect addition to those summer salads!

Pea shoots are vibrant green with delicate tendrils and small leaves. They have a fresh, crisp look that adds a attractive finish to any dish. They offer a mildly sweet, pea like flavour with a hint of nuttiness, making them extremely versatile as you can use them on both savoury and sweet dishes.

In season: All year round!

Borage Flowers: With their striking star shaped blue petals and delicate cucumber like flavour, they are a great option to elevate your dishes. Perfect for garnishing salads, cocktails and even desserts. Their striking appearance and refreshing taste will add a unique touch to you dishes, impressing both eyes and the palate.

In season: May - July

Edible Flower mix: An exquisite addition to any dish, offering you an opportunity to elevate your culinary creations with vibrant colours, unique textures and delicate flavours. From the peppery notes of nasturtiums to the sweet, floral hints of pansies, each flower brings their own unique character to the plate.

In season: Year round!

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