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Supplier spotlight: ICAM Chocolate

At Forest Produce, we are always dedicated to sourcing the finest ingredients for Chefs, whilst also working to protect and boost your profit margin!

Here we shine the light on ICAM chocolate, a brand renowned for quality, innovation and sustainability in the world of chocolate. The range is also a great solution to the rising costs of cocoa, providing lower cost products that still reflect your commitment to trusted ingredients.

Who are ICAM chocolate?

Founded by the Agostoni family in Lecco, Italy, over 75 years ago, ICAM has grown from a small artisanal chocolate maker to being a globally respected maker of chocolate renowned for their commitment to quality and ethical practices. They control every step of the chocolate production process, from sourcing the finest cocoa beans to crafting their exquisite chocolate products!

Beliefs and Values

ICAM'S dedication to quality starts with the selection of premium cocoa beans from around the world. They work closely with farmers to ensure the beans meet their stringent standards.

State of the art facilities in Italy combine both traditional methods with more modern technology, ensuring consistency and pure excellence in every batch that leaves their warehouse.

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ICAM are pioneers in sustainable and ethical chocolate production. Actively promoting Fairtrade practices, ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work, ICAM invests in sustainable farming methods, which helps to protect the environment and support the long term viability of cocoa farms.

Why choose ICAM chocolate?

ICAM chocolates are a delight for the senses, known for their rich, complex flavours that come from a meticulous bean to bar process. Whether you are looking for the intensity of dark chocolate or the smoothness of milk chocolate, ICAM has you covered with a variety of options. Designed with Chefs in mind, their products are versatile, enhancing anything from baked goods to desserts and even savoury dishes.

When you choose ICAM, remember you are choosing is reliability and consistency - your creations deserve nothing less!

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