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Westcountry Cheeseboard: James Cooks top picks!

The West Country is celebrated for it's exceptional dairy products, offering some of the finest cheeses in the world. James Cook, Account Manager, shares his top five cheeses for any West Country cheeseboard.

Bagborough Brie (200g)

An artisanal cheese crafted in the heart of Somerset, embodying the rich dairy tradition of the region. Bagborough Brie boasts a velvety, creamy texture that melts in the mouth and a flavour that only gets better as it ages!

Pairs beautifully with fresh fruits, crusty bread and a variety of wines, making it a true West Country treasure.


  • 1 Star – Great Taste Awards 2023

  • Gold Award - International Cheese and Dairy Awards 2022

  • Silver Award – Global Cheese Awards 2021

Cornish Extra Mature Cheddar (200g)

Produced in Cornwall, this little cheddar is aged to perfection; a robust and full bodied flavour that any cheese enthusiast will love! The maturing process imparts a rich, nutty character with a stunning sharpness, while the wax coating preserves its unique flavour and slightly crunchy texture.

The crunchy texture is due to the formation of naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals which are found in high quality aged cheddars. These appear as white flecks, developing further as the cheese matures, enhancing both character and mouthfeel.

Helford Blue (1kg Approx)

This artisan cheese, named after Cornwall's serene Helford river, offers Chefs creamy texture interwoven with delicate blue veins and great flavour. Crafted from cow's milk and meticulously aged, Helford Blue balances creamy richness with a subtle saltiness, making it an ideal addition to most cheeseboards.


  • Gold award- World cheese awards 2014/15

  • Gold award- British cheese award 2016

Boy Laity Camembert (165g)

Complete with distinct earthy, mushroom notes as soon as it's unwrapped, this delicious Cornish Camembert is fresh and creamy with a buttery texture. Over time, this cheese will begin to ripen, providing the strong and pungent aroma that a great camembert is known for!

Already in a perfect 165g portion, making it ideal for cheeseboards!

Quickes smoked hard goats cheese (1.5kg Approx)

Finally, arguably one of the best goats cheeses on the market! This stunning cheese, produced in Devon by Quickes, delivers a robust smoky flavour that takes any cheese board to the next level. Crafted with high-quality goat's milk and aged with precision, Quickes smoked hard goats cheese offers Chefs a unique balance of creamy texture and bold, smoky notes.

"A beautifully smoked cheese" - James Cook


  • Silver award- World cheese awards 2019/20

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