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British Scallops: Delights from the depths

Macduff King Scallops, harvested from the pristine waters off the Scottish coast, are among the finest seafood delicacies available to buy. These scallops, prized for their large size, sweet flavour, and succulent texture, represent the pinnacle of sustainable and high quality seafood.

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Harvesting and sustainability

All of the Macduff boats have been specifically built and equipped to fish only for scallops, and they allow them to fish in a controlled, targeted manner. This ensures a more reliable supply of top quality wild scallops, and a responsible, sustainable harvest.

Processing Method

Meeting the boats at the quayside helps to ensure the scallops get to their processing plant as quickly as possible, and with the minimum of handling. Once they arrive, they’re washed, opened and shucked by their highly-skilled staff, leaving pristine nuggets of beautiful scallop flesh to be packed.

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Flavour profile

King Scallops boast a delicate, sweet flavour with a firm yet tender texture. To maximize their true potential, #teamforest recommend the following techniques:

Searing: Achieve a perfect golden crust by searing the scallops in hot oil or butter. This method locks in moisture and enhances their natural sweetness. Pair with a simple beurre blanc or citrus vinaigrette.

Grilling: Mark Benfield's favourite way to cook just about anything! Adds a stunning smokey flavour. Use a higher heat for a shorter period of time to ensure a tender, juicy end product!

Poaching: Poaching Scallops in a flavourful broth or butter bath keeps them moist and infuses additional flavour. This method is perfect if you're looking to maintain their delicate texture.

If you still have any questions or would like a free sample give #teamforest a call!

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