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New Supplier: Martinez Somalo

A legacy of quality: Who is Martinez Somalo?

Founded in 1901, Martinez Somalo is a family owned company located in La Rioja, Spain, a region renowned for its amazing culinary traditions. Over four generations, the company has sharpened its craft, blending traditional methods with modern advancements.

Their dedication and commitment to quality, sustainability and artisanal techniques has earned them a reputation throughout Spain and all over the world as one of the best at what they do!

Exquisite Product Range

Martinez Somalo offers a wide array of products that capture the essence of premium Spanish charcuterie.

Chorizo is one of Martinez Somalo's signature products. Made from premium pork and seasoned with paprika and a signature spice mix. #Teamforest believe this is the best chorizo we have ever tasted on the market!

Range Available:

  • Mini Mild Cooking Chorizo 1kg

  • Mild Cooking Chorizo 1kg

  • Sliced Serrano Ham 500g

  • Cooking Chorizo 200g

  • Sliced Chorizo Vela 500g

  • Chorizo Vela Extra Stick

Search "Somalo" on the FP app to view range!

Above: Cooking Chorizo, Serrano Ham, Sliced Vela on pizza

Responsibility with the environment

Apart from their exceptional product quality, they are also a leader in sustainability. They have implemented many measures to reduce their environmental footprint, these include energy efficient production processes and sustainable packaging methods.

By purchasing Martinez Somalo products, you are not only indulging in exceptional Spanish charcuterie but also choosing a company that values and protects our planet.

Tony's top platter picks!

Create a stunning charcuterie platter that is sure to impress with Tony's handpicked selection of products that pair beautifully with our Martinez Somalo range.

These include:

  • Sapori Mistoliva mixed marinated olives

  • Caperberries

  • Smokey roasted artichokes

  • Mediterranean semi dried tomatoes

  • Bridor finedore bread rolls

  • Sapori Piccantoliva (Jalapeno Stuffed Olives)

Stay tuned for more updates and recipes featuring Martinez Somalo products!

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